Add Database Retrieval Control


Think about dding an dbimage control to pull blob images from a db. Have it be, <lbn:dbimage /> and make it extensible to allow a user to override the loading mechanism.


You will need to pull the blob information out of the database and convert it to an image. Then set the path the image as the url for the control. Here's an example:
Use an HTTP handler (imgdb.ashx) to pull the data from the db.
Write the content to the OutputStream property of the handler's Http response.
For lbn image control definition, set the path to the url <lbn:image imageurl="imgdb.ashx?imgId=1234" />. The imgId query parameter is used to pull the correct image from the db.
That's just an idea. However, it's not a bad idea to have a dbimage control to have lbn do the work for you... I'll add it as a feature!


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This would be GREAT! I really need it for an e-commerce application to show more pictures of products.

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